BearWise Landscapers is a division of Black Bear Insurance Agency and is a focused approach to insurance for landscaping businesses. The service concentrates on the unique insurance needs of businesses that perform lawn care maintenance, landscape installation, and/or tree trimming services. This niche based approach allows BearWise Landscapers to offer:

Insurance Information

BearWise Landscapers agents have researched and developed a thorough understanding of the landscaping industry. Through experience, these agents are able to effectively evaluate landscaping businesses and recommend ways to practically cover the exposures these businesses encounter. BearWise is also a valuable resource providing plenty of information regarding landscaping risks and how insurance practically relates to landscapers.

Customer Focus

The insurance agents of BearWise Landscapers are devoted to serving their clients. By focusing strictly on landscaping businesses, these agents can provide services that add value to their clients. BearWise agents pride themselves on being readily available and easy to contact.


By exclusively working with landscaping businesses, BearWise Landscapers agents are able to efficiently deal with their clients, leading to fast turnarounds on insurance quotes, endorsements, certificates of insurance, and other servicing aspects. BearWise agents have built relationships with many insurance companies that underwrite landscaping businesses allowing them to quickly create insurance proposals with the best combination of coverage and price.

Peace of Mind

BearWise agents are relationship driven and will invest time into explaining the details of insurance coverages. They are devoted to helping businesses understand their insurance needs and how insurance practically applies to their business operations. BearWise agents encourage clients to call or e-mail anytime they have a question.


BearWise agents have the ability to handle multiple insurance policies, such as general liability, commercial automobile, equipment floater, workers' compensation, and many others. The clients of BearWise Landscapers take advantage of this by allowing the agents to put in effect and organize a complete insurance program for their landscaping businesses. This program combines multiple insurance policies to cover a variety of risks faced by landscapers. The BearWise Landscapers service provides a convenient solution to the insurance needs of landscapers in an organized format.

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