Specialized Approach

The insurance agents of BearWise Landscapers specialize in the unique insurance needs of businesses that install landscapes, maintain lawns and gardens, and trim trees. Choosing an agent that specializes in insurance for landscapers provides many benefits for your landscaping business. Our agents understand your industry and ways that insurance products can improve your business. They also understand the marketplace of insurance carriers that underwrite the insurance products for landscapers. This specialized knowledge allows our agents to provide a faster and more complete insurance service for your business. The agents of BearWise Landscapers handle the insurance programs for many landscaping businesses and are constantly looking for new products and pricing discounts offered by insurance carriers. Because of our specialization, we are often approached by insurance carriers that want to underwrite landscapers and are willing to offer premium reductions. After analyzing the programs and stability of the carriers, our agents are able to quickly offer these products to clients before other agents are even aware of their availability. This is just one of the many advantages of allowing the insurance agents of BearWise Landscapers to handle your insurance program. We look forward to working with your business and hope that you feel free to contact our agents with any questions you may have.

The Agents of BearWise Landscapers

Currently, our agents are located in Orlando and only work with landscaping businesses in Florida. We look forward to opening our operations to more states in the near future. Below is a list our our agents:

Trusted Choice Insurance Agency Committment to Landscapers We are a Trusted Choice Insurance Program Division of Black Bear Insurance Agency