BearWise Landscapers - Division of Black Bear Insurance Agency

BearWise Landscapers is a division of Black Bear Insurance Agency. The agents of BearWise Landscapers exclusively work with landscaping businesses and specialize in handling the insurance needs of those businesses. Therefore, the primary service offered is the quoting and handling of insurance policies.

Insurance Quotes

As a division of an independent insurance agency, BearWise Landscapers has access to many different insurance carriers, allowing our agents the ability to compare rates and coverage to find the optimal policy for your business needs.

Because the agents of BearWise Landscapers specialize in the insurance products needed by landscaping businesses, they focus on understanding the ever-changing marketplace of insurance carriers, rates, regulations, and coverage of insurance options available to the green industry. These insurance agents understand the needs and concerns that are unique to landscapers.

Insurance Information

In addition to providing insurance coverage, the goal of BearWise Landscapers is to provide practical information that is specific to the insurance needs of landscapers. This information allows landscapers to make educated business decisions regarding their insurance purchasing and other risk management decisions.

The agents of BearWise Landscapers are always willing to discuss insurance coverage options and the relating business strategy with clients and other landscaping businesses. In addition, BearWise Landscapers also provides print materials, this website, and other means to communicate important insurance information to landscapers. One of the great ways of communicating this information to landscapers is through the Agent Articles section the website.

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